For the Love of the Job… Or the Love of the Animals

The people here at Park Road Veterinary Clinic could almost be considered “unsung heroes” for all they may go through day in and day out. This job can be smelly, dirty, emotionally draining and sometimes can feel completely thankless. Veterinary staff endure it all for the sheer love of the job and a deep-rooted passion […]

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Senior Dogs Need Homes Too

Most people go to the SPCA looking for the cutest puppy, but the older dogs need homes too. There are a lot of benefits of adopting an older pet.

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Expect the Unexpected

Remember in high school when you thought “I will never use this or need this again!” from your English or Math class? Well, sometimes us vets think this too as we pour through our books during vet school. Such was the case with “teratoma” – cancer that produces bone and hair. A great word for a […]

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Three Reasons To Not Give A Pet As A Christmas Present

It seems adorable, a cute little puppy with a big bow tie on its collar, sitting peacefully under the tree. While this may seem like a great Christmas idea, there are many reasons to not give a pet as a Christmas gift.

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Puppies: Avoiding the Hurt and Helping the Progress!

Who hasn’t relished that “puppy smell,” enjoyed a lick from an exuberant tongue or had their day brightened by the antics of a puppy? We thrill in the experience of unconditional love and vitality that puppies bring into our lives. As they grow, we work through their behaviours and shape them into well – behaved […]

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