Meet Our Newest Groomer, Jenny!

She’s not just a burst of energy, she’s a very talented groomer.  Meet Jenny! The newest addition to the Park Road Team.  Jenny is a certified groomer with years of pet care and grooming experience. She takes time and patience with each groom and makes your four legged family member feel loved and welcome! 

Jenny is joining us from a clinic in Mississauga where she most recently worked with various breeds of cats and dogs.  She has been grooming for more than four years and was trained at the best grooming school in Moscow, Russia.  She has two of her own furry friends at home, a Jack Russell named Sparky and a cat named Savva.  Animals have been a big part of Jenny’s life since she was a child.  She is happy to have the opportunity to work with pets.

We would like to welcome you to come in to meet Jenny and have a tour of the clinic.  She is available for a consultation prior to booking an appointment for your cat or dog.  Jenny loves what she does and is looking forward to meeting each and every client.

Call today to book an appointment at 519-759-3031.

Written by Park Road Veterinary Clinic



What to Know About Raw Diets

Different diets seem to be all the rage today. All you have to do is google “different diets” and BAM! You are overwhelmed with different articles about the Atkins diet, vegan diets, paleo diets, weight watchers and so on. Our pets are no exception when it comes to this craze. Walk into a pet store and the choices of pet food is overwhelming! Not to mention things like homemade diets! Today I want to discuss one diet in particular that has gained traction in the dog community. The raw diet.

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