Nutrition First

If you’ve ever purchased food at our clinic, you may have noticed the sign hanging in our nutrition section featuring Hippocrates’ famous quote “Let food be thy first medicine.”

At Park Road Veterinary Clinic, we’re serious about incorporating this ancient wisdom into our patient care – so don’t be surprised when your table-side attendant asks you to describe everything you feed your pet in the course of a day at your next appointment!

Our veterinarians use nutrition as their first line of defence when it comes to promoting physiological functions, improving intestinal health, and preventing problems like allergies, obesity, dental disease, and urinary tract related issues.

We all want to feed our beloved pets not only the healthiest possible food but also something they will actually enjoy! There is such an enormous amount of information out there from innumerable sources – pet store employees, Dr. Google, friends, neighbours – that it can be hard to separate nutrition fact from pet food myth. Your go-to source for diet advice should be your veterinarian – they’re the ones with the education and experience, and they have your pet’s best interests in mind.

At Park Road Veterinary Clinic, we’re lucky enough to have a nutrition specialist on our team, Amy! If your pet is a patient here, you can book an appointment to meet with Amy for a free nutrition consultation. She’ll assess your pet’s body condition, make diet recommendations, calculate exactly how much you should be feeding for target weight, and address any questions you might have – about corn, raw diets, and much more.

Written by Rachael Deska



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