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Chocolate Toxicity

Easter is fast approaching (it’s practically in March this year!) which means plenty of chocolate. Chocolate bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs, it’s everywhere this time of year! As most people know chocolate is toxic to dogs.

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Nerves or Normal?

Everyone can usually tell a tale of someone who walks or talks in their sleep. Have you ever seen some of the YouTube clips of pets moving their legs or lips when they are sleeping? – It’s pretty funny!

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Expect the Unexpected

Remember in high school when you thought “I will never use this or need this again!” from your English or Math class? Well, sometimes us vets think this too as we pour through our books during vet school. Such was the case with “teratoma” – cancer that produces bone and hair.

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Pet Health Tips for Colder Weather

With the changing temperatures comes more than colourful foliage, crisp air, and excitement of the holiday season. Protect your cat or dog from health hazards with the following safety tips!

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Optimum Care Plans

At Park Road Vet Clinic, we believe in helping you take care of your furry friends, not only when they aren’t feeling well, but all year round so that we can prevent them from getting sick. This is part of the reason we have introduced the Optimum Care plans.

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A Wonderful Option for Normal People with Typical Pets: Optimum Care Plans

We all love our pets.

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