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Making Your Cat’s Trip to the Vet Stress-Free

The many misconceptions about cats can hinder our ability to provide the best possible healthcare. The very qualities we admire about our feline family members, their independence and self-sufficiency, are often what misleads us into believing they can take care of themselves.


August Is Feline Focus Month

We are excited to announce that Park Road Veterinary Clinic is launching our inaugural Feline Focus! It may be the dog days of summer, but August is officially Happy Cat Month!

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Blood Glucose Curves – What Are They And How Are They Done? By: Kathy Raepple (Diabetes Series Part 5)

When your cat is first diagnosed as diabetic, your veterinarian will discuss doing a blood glucose curve on him.  This can be done either in the clinic; or, if you are comfortable, in your home.  Most cats will have a slightly elevated blood glucose reading at the veterinary clinic due...

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Help! My pet vomited! Do I need to go to the vet?

Written by Dr. Sarah Martin Well…maybe. Let’s face it. If you live with pets, either dogs or cats, occasionally you will have to deal with some throw up.  Very intermittent and irregular vomiting episodes can be no cause for concern. For example the dog that throws up his breakfast but...