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My​ ​cat​ ​Was​ ​Diagnosed​ ​as​ ​Diabetic​ ​-​ ​Now​ ​What? (Part 3)

It’s important to remember that your cat being diagnosed as diabetic is not an automatic death sentence. Many cats, once properly regulated and monitored, will live long, healthy, happy lives. It will take some time and commitment on the pet parents part to be sure their cat is getting all that he needs medically and […]

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Diabetes​ ​-​ ​Types,​ ​Signs​ ​&​ ​Diagnosis (Part 2)

Many of you may know someone who is diabetic or maybe diabetic yourself, but a surprising number of people don’t realize that animals, like people, can be diabetic too.

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Raising Orphaned Kittens – Part 1: Warming & Feeding

Written by Kathy Raepple Let me start by saying “Thank You” for dedicating your time and effort into saving these precious little lives. Hand raising kittens is a highly demanding, but richly rewarding experience that you and everyone involved will remember fondly for many years. Warmth As soon as you find orphaned kittens you will […]

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A Wonderful Option for Normal People with Typical Pets: Optimum Care Plans

We all love our pets.

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