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Meet Miss Molly…Molly Mosquito That Is!

Molly was born in a small pond in your neighbourhood.

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Caring for Your Senior Pet

By the age of 7, your pet is considered a senior here at the Park Road Vet Clinic. An annual visit to your veterinarian is important even if they appear healthy, but there are many things you can do at home to ensure optimum care for your pet.

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Sharing with Shadow: Which Human Foods Are Safe for Dogs to Eat?

We’ve all seen it – those plaintive, sad looking eyes staring up at us while we are eating. And we’ve all done it – snuck them a small piece of meat and told them not to tell.

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Why Do Dogs Pant? by Dr. Jenny Kungl

A very common question for many pet owners is “why is my dog panting” and “how much panting is too much”? To answer the first question we should look at the placement of certain glands in the skin of the dog. There are apocrine sweat glands found everywhere there is a hair follicle but these […]

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Loud Noises & Your Pet

Written by Amy Hanchiruk I would love think summer is close by but I can’t say when for sure it will arrive. What I can tell you is that with summer comes storms and fireworks!  Along with those loud noises comes a whole lot of fear in pets. Both my dog Tiny and myself were […]

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Taking Your Pet Abroad

It seems that more and more people are travelling abroad with their pets.

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