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Meet Miss Molly…Molly Mosquito That Is!

Molly was born in a small pond in your neighbourhood.

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Seminar: Heartworm, Tick and Parasites!

  When: April 28, 2016 What: Heartworm, tick and parasite seminar AND Heartworm clinic from 7-Where: Park Road Veterinary Hospital  Time: 7pm-9pm

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This is Zoey: Her Heartworm Story

This is Zoey.  She was a very sweet Chocolate Lab. She came to live with me in May of 2002 and began her new life at my home. As it turned out she was also starting her treatment. She was 6 years old and she had heartworm…  I would like to share her treatment and […]

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MYTHBUSTERS: Featuring Heartworm Disease

Written by Dr. Brenda Gough Q. WHY DO I HAVE TO TEST FOR HEARTWORM WHEN MY DOG LIVES IN AN APARTMENT? Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitos.  Mosquitos are everywhere!  Simple as that!  At least once every other year we are faced with a little apartment dog who is positive for heartworm, who barely left the […]

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Taking Your Pet Abroad

It seems that more and more people are travelling abroad with their pets.

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