Rachael D

Floor Manager

I have felt a deep connection to all creatures, big and small, ever since I was a child, but only recently joined the veterinary industry in 2014. I have degrees in Fine Arts and English Literature from York University and the University of Toronto and was working in finance, when a serendipitous encounter with a veterinarian, impressed by my customer service skills, led to a job offer! I realized right away, that I had found my true passion and never looked back! I joined Park Road Veterinary Clinic in April 2017, after moving to Cambridge. I researched many clinics in the area during my job search and was drawn to Park Road because of its long history of serving the community and its reputation for outstanding patient care.

I am particularly passionate about feline veterinary care, and spend my spare time cat-sitting, boarding, and fostering. My first pet was a goldfish, which I imaginatively named Goldie. What I love most about my job (besides getting to interact with so many different animals every day) is hearing the beautiful, moving stories about how they came to be with their human companions. My favourite thing about this clinic is the amazing staff, who treat every animal as if they are their own. A fun fact about myself is that I love bird-watching, a hobby my father got me interested in when I was young. It gives me an opportunity to use my photography skills from my university training.