Navigating Air Travel with Your Pet and New US Border Control Regulations:

As of August 1, 2024, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has implemented new regulations concerning the entry of pets into the USA. 

You can review the guidelines here: 

From August 1, 2024, Onward: What Your Dog Needs to Enter the United States 

At our animal clinic, we’re here to assist you every step of the way as we navigate through these new regulations together. We emphasize the importance of pet owners staying informed and adhering to the guidelines established by the CDC and other relevant agencies. Take the time to review these updates to prevent any potential disruptions in your pet’s care. 

Additional requirements may apply depending on where the dog has been in the last 6 months and whether or not the dog was vaccinated in the United States. Use the CDC’s Q&A tool (the CDC “DogBot”) to determine what rules apply to your dog: 

Are you planning to take to the skies with your beloved canine companion? Whether you’re jetting off on a vacation or relocating to a new city, flying with your dog requires careful preparation to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey for both of you. From selecting the right airline to acclimating your pet to travel, here’s everything you need to know to fly safely with your furry friend. 

Choose the Right Airline: Not all airlines have the same pet policies, so it’s essential to research and choose an airline that accommodates your pet’s needs. Look for airlines that offer pet-friendly amenities such as climate-controlled cargo holds and designated pet-friendly cabins for in-cabin travel. 

Acclimate Your Pet to Travel: Flying can be a stressful experience for pets, especially if they’re not accustomed to travel. To help your dog feel more comfortable on the day of the flight, gradually acclimate them to their travel carrier in the weeks leading up to your trip. Encourage positive associations by placing treats and toys inside the carrier and allowing your pet to explore it at their own pace. 

Choose the Right Pet Carrier: When flying with your dog, choosing the right pet carrier is important for their safety and comfort. Opt for a carrier that meets the airline’s size and weight requirements and provides adequate ventilation and room for your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Soft-sided carriers are typically suitable for in-cabin travel, while hard-sided carriers may be required for cargo hold transport. Additionally, label the carrier with your contact information and attach a securely fastened water bowl to ensure your pet stays hydrated during the flight.

Pack Essential Supplies: In addition to your pet’s carrier and documentation, don’t forget to pack essential supplies to keep your furry friend comfortable and content during the flight. Pack enough food, water, and treats to last the duration of the journey, as well as familiar toys or blankets to provide comfort and familiarity in unfamiliar surroundings.

By following these 4 essential tips, you can fly safely with your furry companion and embark on your next adventure together with confidence. From selecting the appropriate airline to familiarizing your pet with the travel process, thorough preparation is vital for a seamless and hassle-free flight experience for both you and your dog. So, prepare your belongings, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare to soar through the skies with your beloved canine companion by your side.