Pedro’s Story by Dr. Brenda Gough

Pedro is a lovely, sweet, goofy 6 year old neutered male Pug, who came to see us about one month ago for bloody urine. His urine was tested and confirmed lots of blood and some crystals that are not supposed to be there ☺
Pedro had an ultrasound done of his bladder and radiographs. The radiographs were suspicious of stones but the ultrasound confirmed that there was definitely a bladder stone present.

Some bladder stones can be dissolved with dietary changes and medications. This one, sadly is not one of them. We attempted to do so, but after a few weeks and no change in size of the stone, we had to tell the owner that there was no real choice except surgical removal of the bladder stone.

Unfortunately, the owner could not come up with all of the funds for the surgical removal of the bladder stone. She could pay for half of it, but the entire bill of over $2,000 was just too much of a stretch for her budget.

Pedro was urinating around the house, frequently and was very uncomfortable. He’s a sweet, young, energetic dog who adores the kids in his household. It was breaking our hearts to see all of them struggling with this.

As a clinic we all agreed that Pedro’s owners were trying their best. They were compliant with everything we asked of them and they take very good care of their dog. They just were in an unfortunate situation where the surgery was beyond their means. They were exactly the kind of client we felt should be the recipients of our OSCAR fund.

Pedro’s owners paid for half the surgery, OSCAR paid the balance, and we are happy to announce that he is back home, healthy, happy, comfortable and with plumbing that works right! His family is extremely grateful!

Thank you OSCAR!