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The Problem with Fake, White Teeth

Just recently one of my staff members showed me an advertisement for cosmetic dental cleanings from a pet store.

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Ouch! What is Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis? (FCGS)

Written by Dr. Sarah Martin Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis simply means persistent inflammation of the gums and mouth in cats. Most cats have some degree of gingivitis (gum inflammation) and many have periodontal disease (infection below the gum line). Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis refers to the unfortunate few that have inflammation that is out of proportion to […]

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OH NO… My pet broke a tooth! by Dr. Sarah Martin

Written by Dr. Sarah Martin How did it happen? They can break a tooth due to trauma like being hit by a car OR by chewing on something hard—we have seen many broken teeth after bones, dental chews and even chewing on ice. After the tooth is fractured, bacteria from the mouth have access to […]

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Best Products to Keep Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy by Rebecca Garinger, RVT

It can be hard with our busy lifestyles to keep our pet’s teeth at the top of our list of priorities.  Ideally, you should be doing something daily for your pet’s dental health.  Our job here is to help make a plan for you and your furry family member to keep his/her mouth kiss-ably fresh! […]

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Top 3 Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Attention

by Dr. Ashley Woo Bad breath Just because Fluffy drinks out of the toilet doesn’t mean she should be suffering from bad breath.  Halitosis (bad breath) is a very common finding in our pets and is most commonly secondary to dental disease. Bleeding gums When you see blood on Rover’s toy after playing with it […]

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Diets: Not for the Faint-Hearted!

Most of us have been a bit impressed, if not overwhelmed, by the huge selection of pet diets in our local pet stores.

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