Ouch! What is Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis? (FCGS)

Written by Dr. Sarah Martin

Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis simply means persistent inflammation of the gums and mouth in cats. Most cats have some degree of gingivitis (gum inflammation) and many have periodontal disease (infection below the gum line). Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis refers to the unfortunate few that have inflammation that is out of proportion to the amount of plaque and tartar. While we don’t know enough about this condition we believe that it is an abnormal and extreme immune system response—these cats are having a severe and painful reaction to their teeth and the bacteria on them.

What can be done? For cats afflicted with Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis the VERY best chance for lasting relief is to remove all teeth and root remnants. Attempting to manage Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis with medications simply does not work and while they are attempted the inflammation gets worse and it is a tremendously painful condition.

Luckily our feline friends do not need their teeth! We look after them; they do not have to hunt. They do deserve a mouth free of pain and inflammation!