Why Prevention is the Best Cure

Veterinary medicine is the best profession, in my opinion.

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Don’t Let the Bugs Bug You!

Horray! Spring has sprung, bring out the sandals and the … bugs!?

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Spring is in the air which means longer days, warmer weather, flowers and Easter bunnies!

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Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During a Natural Disaster

We don’t think that it will happen to us until it does. We often don’t take the time to think, plan or prepare for a natural disaster or a state of emergency. We hear about these things all of the time on the news but don’t think they will actually occur.

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Chocolate Toxicity

Easter is fast approaching (it’s practically in March this year!) which means plenty of chocolate. Chocolate bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs, it’s everywhere this time of year! As most people know chocolate is toxic to dogs.

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