How to Prepare for Your Pets Annual Exam

It’s that time of year, you have received your pet’s annual exam reminder in the mail, and it’s time to book them in! Here are some tips to get the most out of your pets’ annual appointment.

  1. Make a list of concerns/questions you have for your veterinarian regarding your pets. Be sure to check with family members to see if they have any as well.
  2. Call your veterinary clinic and book your appointment for a time that works best for yours and your family’s schedule. Picking a time when you have no other obligations helps take the stress out of how much time you are spending with your veterinarian.
  3. Make sure to let the receptionist know if you have concerns about your pet’s health, so they can book the appropriate amount of time for you.
  4. Make a list of foods/treats your pet eats in a day. Have there been any recent changes? This can help us in situations where your pet may have gained/lost weight or perhaps developed a skin issue.
  5. Make a list of any medications your pet is on currently and note any that they have poorly reacted to in the past.
  6. Help us help you. If you have any concerns for your pet when you come in for your appointment, let us know. We want to make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible. For example, if your pet is fearful of other animals, come inside before you bring your pet in or call and let us know. There are things we can do in these situations like bringing your pet in through another door or taking straight into a room and weighing your pet when the waiting room is clear.
  7. We like to give your pet treats, if your pet has allergies or is on a specific diet, please let us know. We can give them a hypo-allergenic treat, or we can give treats you have provided.
  8. We want you and your pet to have the best experience possible, and communication is key. Please share any concerns you have with us and remember, we are here for you!

Written by Jakki Papp, Practice Manager