Cat X-rays and Ultrasound

We are digital! This allows us to have great image quality and share our images with other experts if needed. We have a trained and experienced ultrasound technician to perform our ultrasounds and we can send these reports to radiologists if we need help interpreting them.

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How do you use x-ray and ultrasound services at your clinic?

These tests are used to aid in, or complete diagnosing your pet if they are ill and also to ensure health in situations like pregnancy checks, hip checks etc.

Does the clinic also do feline dental x-rays?

At this time, our clinic does not offer feline dental x-rays.

How much do cat x-rays cost?

The cost for your pet to have x-rays would depend on what x-ray we are performing. Give the clinic a call to discuss the costs involved with one of our team members.

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