Surgery Service for Dogs

What surgery services do you provide for dogs?

We offer a full range of surgical procedures for our patients, including, but not limited to, spay/neuter, dentistry, lump removals, some orthopedic, as well as emergency procedures (i.e., exploratory, bloat, c-sections).

What is involved with my dog’s surgery?

All of our surgical patients receive: a pre-operative check over by the technician that will be assisting in the surgery when you bring your pup in the morning of thier big day, a check over by the doctor prior to surgery, the anesthetic itself, the technician monitoring all vital signs throughout the procedure, pain medication given before and after surgery, pulse ox monitoring (monitoring the oxygen level in her blood) throughout the procedure, circulating warm water blanket for the surgery, blood pressure monitoring throughout the procedure, body temperature monitoring, hot water bottles and extra cuddly blankets for their cage for after the surgery is complete. The technician will also do another check over on them prior to them leaving the clinic, after surgery. All of our surgical patients will also receive intravenous (IV) fluids. The IV Fluids help keep blood pressure up throughout the surgery, helps to flush out the anesthetic once the surgery is completed, and gives the doctor direct access to a vein if there was an emergency, so they can get medication into the pet faster.

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