Deanna S

Lead Registered Veterinary Technician

I knew from a very young age that I needed to look after animals. I remember vividly at the age of three, I was playing with all the dogs in the neighbourhood and had a strong will to protect them from harm. Deciding which career path to take was never an issue for me. I graduated Ridgetown College in 1995, with a degree in Veterinary Technology. I have continued to further my education, specializing in Ultrasound. My family have been clients at Park Road Veterinary Clinic since I was a child. In high school, I applied to do my co-op course here and after co-op, I was hired as kennel help and assistant to a groomer. I worked my way up to veterinary assistant and finally, technician.

I am most interested in helping the veterinarians to diagnose and treat illness. It is an amazing feeling to watch pets recover from illness and go home to their families. One of my favourite things about Park Road Veterinary Clinic is the great team I work with, they all go above and beyond to help clients and their pets. I also love our facilities and our extensive in-house diagnostic equipment. Fun fact about me is that I have another exciting part-time job drug testing show horses and racehorses. My first pet was a dog named Spunky; I remember being very angry at my mom for making me come home from the park one day, but my heart melted when she showed me the little Labrador and Collie mix puppy sitting in our kitchen.