Taylor V

Animal Care Assistant

My love for animals (of all shapes and sizes) started from a very young age. As a child, you could usually find me collecting insects, searching for snakes and frogs in the backyard, and begging my parents to let me adopt any cat I came across. Through the years, I have welcomed a variety of pets into my life; including geckos, frogs, rats, hamsters, and of course cats! I currently have one adorable (and spoiled!) cat named Pekoe and a bunch of tropical fish!
My desire to work with animals led me to complete my high school co-op at the Twin Valley Zoo, and from there, I decided to attend the University of Guelph and graduated with my B.Sc., majoring in Zoology, in 2018. After graduating, I moved to Calgary and found myself a unique opportunity at the Calgary Zoo, working with the gorillas, pandas, penguins, and more! Aside from this, I spent my time as a wildlife rehabilitation intern, nursing orphaned and injured wildlife back to health.

I joined Park Road in 2020 and am grateful to have found myself surrounded by such a supportive and caring team, that strives to provide the best care to each and every pet that comes through our door.

I am excited to continue learning and growing with the Park Road team and look forward to meeting you and your furry friends!