Upcoming Blood Donor Clinic

We are very excited to announce we are getting ready for our third Canadian Animal Blood Donor Clinic, we are hoping to reach a new goal of 15 donors this time around! At the last clinic, we had ten canine companions donate blood to this great cause.

The process is very simple and is comfortable and safe for dogs. The appointment for the donation only takes about 15 minutes in total. Each canine must weigh a minimum of 55 pounds to be able to donate and be in good overall standing health. For more information on whether or not your dog can donate, please visit the Park Road Veterinary Clinic website, or the Canadian Animal Blood Bank, for more details.

If you are interested in helping out with this great cause, please call us at 519-759-3031 to make an appointment, or stop by the clinic. We want to thank all of our donors in advance, for making a difference in helping to save the lives of other animals.

Written by Lisa Tlustos, Clinic Manager