August Is Feline Focus Month

We are excited to announce that Park Road Veterinary Clinic is launching our inaugural Feline Focus! It may be the dog days of summer, but August is officially Happy Cat Month! This month, make sure every cat in your life is living as happy and healthy as possible by taking advantage of our promotions, including discounted blood work for felines and 50% off the enrollment fee for our Optimum Care Cat Plans.

As a member of your family, your cat deserves the best possible care. A cat reaches the approximate human age of 15 by their first birthday and the approximate human age of 24 by their second birthday. Each year after that, they age approximately four cat years for every calendar year. This means your 8-year-old cat would be 48 in human years! One of the best ways to ensure your cat stays healthy is to make sure they have an annual check-up. Senior cats and those with chronic conditions should be seen bi-annually because a lot can happen in a cat year.

Cats are masters of hiding signs that they are sick or in pain, meaning serious health conditions can develop before you notice anything is wrong. Veterinarians are trained to spot changes and abnormalities, so an annual exam is a way to detect problems before they become more difficult to treat, or turn into medical emergencies. Your cat’s weight should also get checked regularly because just an extra three pounds can put them at risk for diabetes, heart, respiratory and kidney disease, and more.

Help your cat live a happy and healthy life by calling us at 519-759-3031 to schedule an appointment for your feline family member today!

Written by Rachael Deska, VA