Autism Dog Services Paw Print Campaign

For the month of November, Park Road Veterinary Clinic has joined with the Autism Dog Services Paw Prints Campaign.

All money raised is donated to the Autism Dog Services which helps provide families with Autistic, and related developmental disorders, children aged 3 – 18 with a highly trained service dog. This service dog helps provide these children with a sense of safety, companionship, and independence.

Autism Dog Services (ADS) provides these service dogs at no cost to the family and relies completely on donations from the public to continue to provide these dogs. These dogs generally run about $25,000 for breeding, raising, training, placing and providing follow up for the working life of the dog (generally 10 years).

Join us for this worthy cause and purchase a Paw Print at the clinic. You can put your name or your pets name on a paw print to be put on display for the month of November.

Written by Park Road Veterinary Clinic