Ouch! What is Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis? (FCGS)

Written by Dr. Sarah Martin Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis simply means persistent inflammation of the gums and mouth in cats. Most cats have some degree of gingivitis (gum inflammation) and many have periodontal disease (infection below the gum line). Feline Chronic Gingivo-Stomatitis refers to the unfortunate few that have inflammation that is out of proportion to […]

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Loud Noises & Your Pet

Written by Amy Hanchiruk I would love think summer is close by but I can’t say when for sure it will arrive. What I can tell you is that with summer comes storms and fireworks!  Along with those loud noises comes a whole lot of fear in pets. Both my dog Tiny and myself were […]

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OH NO… My pet broke a tooth! by Dr. Sarah Martin

Written by Dr. Sarah Martin How did it happen? They can break a tooth due to trauma like being hit by a car OR by chewing on something hard—we have seen many broken teeth after bones, dental chews and even chewing on ice. After the tooth is fractured, bacteria from the mouth have access to […]

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Interview with Clinic Cats: Telly & Breeze by Kathy Raepple

Telly & Breeze thank you for meeting with us today.  We’re very excited to find out what you both think about being here, meeting other animals, and life in general! Telly:  Thanks for being interested.  I can’t wait to answer your questions! Breeze:  This is kind of weird, but ok.  I’ll play along… for now. […]

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National Cupcake Day!

Park Road Veterinary Clinic is celebrating National Cupcake Day in support of SPCAs & Humane Societies across North America! To support an amazing cause, stop by Park Road at 627 Park Road N, Brantford!

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