Celebrating Senior Pets This Fall

You may have heard the saying ‘age is not a disease.’ At Park Road Veterinary Clinic, we want to share this message with all our clients and their pets. Your pet getting older and crossing into the Golden Years does not have to mean a decline in quality of life, comfort, or that they can no longer do the things they most enjoy. There are so many steps you and your veterinarian can take to keep your senior pet happy and healthy!

Dog and cat years can add up fast, so every healthy day with our senior pets should be a celebration. That’s why starting this October 1st, at Park Road Veterinary Clinic we will be celebrating all our senior pets with our special Celebrating Seniors packages that you can take advantage of until November 30th. All dogs and cats who are 7 or older are eligible for these discounted blood tests and blood pressure monitoring.

The Celebrating Seniors packages will help us better understand what approach will provide your pet with the best possible care and ensure the golden years are as bright as possible. Running bloodwork on your senior pets helps us catch potential illnesses early will make treatment more manageable. As we all age, we become more susceptible to joint pain, dental conditions, or internal diseases. The Celebrating Senior packages will help us ensure your pet is on the right track towards and long and healthy life.

Call us today at 519-759-3031 to book your senior pet in to be part of the celebration!

Written by: Rachel Deska, Veterinary Assistant