A Cheerful Request

One of the things that always makes me pause, smile and feel good is seeing children with pets. When you are a pet lover, the type that will never have a home without them, nothing (for me) is sweeter than seeing how effortless the intimacy between pet and child is.

This blog is actually a request. I would love, LOVE for all and any of you to send in a cherished photo with a small description. I will give a few examples and then I hope many, many more follow:


This picture is when Charlie was 2, he had a severe speech delay and I brought home Davey—a flea ridden and affectionate cat. Davey became Charlie’s best friend.


Though Davey is a lover of many……


I love the way children just incorporate my dogs and cats into their day to day life.  Annie is called on to sleep with them, go downstairs so they won’t be alone, finish off their muffin wrappers, lick their boo-boo’s, walk them to school, etc…

So please send in your dearest photos-we are fostering another generation of animal lovers and advocates!!

By Dr. Sarah