Chibs Talks Pet Dental Health

It’s me Chibs! I overheard my mom talking about Dental Season at Park Road Veterinary Clinic and I thought that I should put in my two cents worth of information.

You see I don’t have opposable thumbs so I can’t brush my teeth the same ways that people do – I have to rely on my human mom to do that for me. I was introduced to tooth brushing when I was just a young pup. My mom made the toothbrush a fun game for me where I got to chew on it and I didn’t get in trouble – it was like it was a toy for me only! After a while it started to have some tasty treat added to it. Turns out it was a meat flavoured tooth paste! Can you imagine! YUMMY!!

However, when I am not getting my pearly whites brushed I am eating a special food that helps to maintain them too. I also get super special treats! They are, what I call, my dental chewies. They are fantastic tasting treats that help keep my teeth clean too.

So to all the dogs and cats out there, Keep Calm (for your owners) and Brush On!