Don’t Let the Bugs Bug You!

Horray! Spring has sprung, bring out the sandals and the…bugs? Oh yes, there are small creatures who have been anxiously waiting for spring too. All the ones that we don’t like to think about – ticks, fleas, intestinal parasites (worms) and the abominable mosquitoes! During the warm weather, we take special care to make sure that we don’t pick up anything e.g. wearing long socks in the woods, insect repellent, long-sleeved shirts and pants in wooded areas, washing our hands well before we eat, etc. Although we would instead wear shorts and flip-flops, we realized that the short-term inconvenience is much better than dealing with mosquito bites or chronic illness from Lyme disease.

Our pets deserve the same consideration. The above mentioned “bugs” can cause a variety of issue, from itchiness and diarrhea to heart and kidney damage. Our pets benefit from the same protection we give ourselves by being given monthly protection until the cold weather returns. These medications help protect not only our pets but for us as well. A flea and tick preventative can help protect you from dealing with a flea infestation in the home, and also helps kill off ticks which are a serious concern to people. Some preventatives can be applied to the skin or given by mouth. Ask your veterinary team what is available for your pet. We are here to help!!

Written by Dr. Rhonda Boulter