Ducky’s Tale from Love On Four Paws Rescue

Hiya folks!  

My name is Ducky and I would love the chance to tell you my story.

I was brought into the Love On Four Paws Rescue (LOFP) program with my 3 brothers; Chomper, Little Foot & Petrie, when we were just 4 weeks old.  We lived with our momma in a nice barn, but one day momma went out and she never came back.  My brothers and I got real cold, hungry & scared because we were alone.  The nice lady that comes to the barn found us and brought us to LOFP.

There was a nice momma kitty there named Miss CaraMeow who had a kitten a few weeks older than us.  Miss Cara was nice enough to start caring for the 4 of us as if we were her own.  It was so nice to have a momma again and we all welcomed Miss Cara grooming us and loving us up! Miss Cara’s foster mom, though, felt that Cara’s own kitten wasn’t getting his mommas attention like he needed so my brothers and I were separated from them. At first we didn’t understand why this was happening, but then we discovered the amazing bowls of food that were left for us – boy was that delicious!

Once Miss Cara’s foster mom found that my brothers and I were willing to eat food on our own we were sent with another of the LOFP team for fostering. Miss Cara got really upset when we cried and she couldn’t get to us so it was best for everyone to have us fostered elsewhere.

At our new foster home, we got to meet our foster moms family of dogs & cats.  Our new foster mom loved us, cared for us and took great care of us!  We even got to go to work with her everyday!

One day my brother Petrie didn’t seem to be feeling very well. Our foster mom said she was going to take him to see if she could help him, but he never came back. Little Foot, Chomper and I were sad to not see Petrie again – we missed him 🙁
Our foster mom missed him too and she told us that Petrie was very sick and is now no longer in any pain. We weren’t sure what she was saying, but we knew that she was very sad so we just cuddled with her until we all felt a little better.  As time went on, my brothers and I grew and thrived and got into all kinds of mischief like most kittens do.

One night I wasn’t feeling well and our foster mom was very worried about me. She stayed with me all night and fed me when I had the strength to eat and gave me some funny tasting stuff that she said would help me feel better. She told me that I had to fight and live because there is someone special waiting to adopt me when the time is right. Whatever she did for me that night helped me to have the strength to fight and I lived against the odds!

When we were old enough, Little Foot, Chomper and I had to get some needles “to protect us” our foster mom said.  It wasn’t so bad – just a quick pinch and it was over.  Then we were “made available for adoption” through the Love On Four Paws Rescue Program.

I watched as my brothers each found themselves great forever homes, and I waited & waited, but my “special someone” never came.  I was alone & all on my own now.

A month or so ago a very nice man came and adopted me – I was very excited!  Could it be?  Was this the “special someone” I’ve been waiting for for so long?  Yes – it looked like it was – finally!! Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.  You see my new dad had never had a cat before and didn’t know that he was very allergic to me.  He had to make the very hard decision to bring me back to the LOFP Rescue – he was very sad to have to “return” me.

And, alas, here I sit and wait for someone else to come along, fall in love with me and take me home.  I have been hanging out with the LOFP staff for most of my life (I’m now just over a year old), but since I have experienced what it’s like to have a home of my own, I long for it.  I dream about it every night.  I wish for it every chance that I get.

I know that someday someone will love me enough to take me home and call me theirs. The LOFP staff say that I am a great teacher for the new kittens so here I will stay, helping all of the new kittens coming into the LOFP program to learn to love anyone and everyone (and dogs too!) until they find their forever homes, until my day comes.

Update (July, 2014):

The other day a gentleman was in with his little doggie and they were both visiting me at my “post” at the front desk.  His doggie’s name is Stella and she wanted to play with me in the worst way.  She is so cute!  He was asking the girls about me – he really liked me! He asked the girls to send my picture to his wife through something called email so he could talk to her about me when he got home.  He told me that, if his wife said yes to adopting me, he would be back in a couple days to pick me up.  I was trying not to get too excited because many before have said the same thing, but never returned.  The girls at the front desk, however, were very excited and told me that, if he did adopt me I would have the best home ever!  I hoped & prayed that he would come back because it sounded like I would be happy there.

Well guess what happened?!  A couple of days later he actually came back for me! He said his wife loved my picture & story and wanted to adopt me – I was so excited! Once he filled out all the paperwork, I was put into my carrying case with my toys, bed and supplies, said goodbye to all my friends here and went to live purr-ever with my new mom, dad and puppy sister Stella.

I couldn’t be happier!! I will miss all my friends here – human, kitty & doggie – but I cannot wait to get to sleep in my own house again.

Side Note:

If you, or anyone you know, is thinking about welcoming a new cat or kitten into your home, please call my friends at the Love on Four Paws Rescue at 519-759-3031, or email them at for information on my friends that are still there waiting for their purr-fect fur-ever homes.  They will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect fit for your household.