Join us for an Educational Event

Join us for an Educational, Entertaining & Fun Filled Event

When: April 28, 7-9pm

Where: Here! Park Road Vet Clinic

Have a sear, take a load off, while Dr. Gough gives you a walk through the parasitic challenges our pets are faced with, particularly at this time of year. We will be discussing heartworm, ticks and intestinal parasites that can affect not only our pets but us as owners, as well as a guide on how to protect you and your fur family for a healthier future.

Pay attention! You can win prizes while we play interactive games to test your new knowledge on the creepy bugs we discuss.

We are also offering a chance to get your pets heartworm & tick screen done while you atten the event.

* This offer is for clients. You must have had a physical within the last year to be able to purchase your prevention*

Call the clinic and reserve your spot today!