Tick Prevention Starts Now!

We have felt it has been coming for the last few years but now I think it has arrived—a 9 month (debatably a full year) tick season.

December into January this year we saw a record number of flea infestations—I mean, we see a lot of fleas, but not usually in December, January and February.

I don’t ever want fleas in my house. Ever.

February marked the start of a few calls of ticks on dogs. Now we have had multiple days above 4 degrees—that means ticks are happy and waking up.

I hate ticks. What I hate more is ticks on me and even more when they are on my kids. I don’t want my dogs bringing in ticks from their almost daily Grand River walks—I have found them the next day on one of my boys.

I personally do not frequent Lyme endemic areas so have chosen not to vaccinate for Lyme disease but I will give my dogs tick prevention.

So today (March 18th) I ran home at lunch to treat my dogs. Actually, my youngest son gave the dogs their treatments. I gave them a little kibble and then they took the treatment just like a treat. They were quite pleased.


For the 2 oldest (Annie and Lucy) I used Bravecto—it will provide 12 weeks of flea and tick prevention. That takes us into our regular heartworm and flea (and tick) season. I figured that might help my compliance (yes, I miss doses too)

For Katie, my pup, I used NexGard. It lasts a month for flea and tick prevention but as she is growing I can’t guarantee her weight zone for 3 months. Being part St. Bernard I think she may get big!


So please ask us about flea and tick prevention. And let us know if you are finding ticks!


By Dr. Sarah Martin DVM