Fundraising for the SPCA to Support 83 Rescued Dogs

In July of this year, the Cambridge and District Humane Society were involved in a serious rescue operations saving 83 dogs from a “filthy Brant county home”. Officials were called to the home after complaints from neighbours and members of the Humane Society described the scene as horrific. This rescue mission resulted in a large number of dogs – ranging in age from newborn to five years old, with the majority under a year. Believing that many were so-called “Morkies” (cross between Maltese and Yorkie) the dogs underwent a series of steps to bring them back to better health. The Cambridge humane society held 33 of the dogs with 60 of them being taken care of by our local Brant SPCA.

Park Road Veterinary Clinic wanted to help with this touching event and decided to offer $10 nail trims and accept fundraising donations with 100% of the funds going towards the Brant SPCA. Your Brantford animal hospital is pleased to announce we have managed to raise $1495 in support of this initiative!

Thank you so much to our amazing Brant community who came out in full force for your $10 nail trims and generously donated on top of them in order to help these little pups and 83 dogs into better health and eventually towards new homes.

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