How Does a Veterinarian Thrive?

Veterinary medicine – one of the most challenging and rewarding careers on the planet. The dream of every young kid who loves their pet or just animals in general. Animal medicine impacts so many lives and delves into so many fields – research, farm animals, zoos, companion animals, aquatic health; just a few at the tip of a very large iceberg. Veterinarians have unfortunately surpassed even human dentists in the suicide charts, and an alarming number of vets are experiencing compassion fatigue, depression, and work frustration. I chose this career in elementary school after seeing a pet hit by a car. I have been ten years in this profession and I can keep going because I meet wonderful people who love their pets. I am also driven by the phenomenal staff that I work with every day and the underlying satisfaction that I can make a difference in the lives of pets and pet owners!

People make such a difference in this profession. I see them all – young, old, first-time pet owners, people who have multiple pets or who have had many pets in their lifetime. I love to meet people – they all come with interesting stories and experiences. They come because they love their pet and want the best for their pet. They come with questions, with the research they have done on their own, with stories, with video clips and pictures, with amazing and heartbreaking stories. I see them at different stages in their own personal lives. I see people at their best, and their worst. I get to join them on the adventure that they live with their pets. I see them from beginning to end, and we share the joys and heartbreaks, the triumphs and frustrations together. I have met many people that I can say I am blessed to have crossed my path.

There is no end to learning in this field. There are such a variety of conferences and seminars to attend. There is a remarkable amount of new information coming out from research — new products, food, procedures — all with the intent to improve how we can help our patients. There are wet labs and weekend focuses on helping develop skills and learn various techniques – it’s amazing when you think of it all. Added to this are the daily questions from clients and the unique presentations of sick pets – it’s wonderful to be able to learn all the time!

I work with such great people on a daily basis. My staff – kennel attendants, assistants, technicians, receptionists, managerial staff, other veterinarians – they all give 250% each day. They want to be here. They greet me with a smile and are dedicated to helping me and pet owners. They are hand-selected; we don’t and can’t take just anyone. It takes special, dedicated people to work with animals and people when they are happy, sad, sick, angry and everything in between. Veterinary staff come in early, help fill in when the need arises, willingly stay late to ensure patients are cared for, drop everything and run to help when trouble arises. They pour their heart and soul into helping people and pets every day. I wouldn’t be here without the amazing, supportive, cohesive team that makes Park Road Veterinary Clinic the wonderful place that it is!

Animals need and deserve to be healthy. They should have a good life without fear, pain, and illness. I find it incredible that I can contribute to their lives for the better. I can look at an animal and know that I can help, that I can alleviate pain, that I can put an end to suffering. Animals speak a language of their own. They come with no demands or expectations, yet give us so much. In each pet that I see, I can make a difference.

Client education is extremely important to me. These are the people who know their pets best, who notice when something is not right. The ones who take the time to ensure their pets receive the care and medical attention that their pet needs. With every person I see, I try and equip them with the information and knowledge I have. My goal is to have my clients, and their pets thrive happily at home with as little need to see me as possible. I love to see every client — we encourage happy visits to help reduce patient stress and build better relationships. I enjoy being able to impart information to clients that down the road will not only help them financially, but ultimately strengthen their bond with their pet and keep their pet happy and free of pain and stress!

Veterinary medicine is my world. It’s not perfect and can be very stressful, yet I have so much to be thankful for. You can be assured that when you step through our doors, there are people here who want to be here, who are thrilled to see you, and who want nothing more than the best for your pet. I am here because I care. It is my job. It is my calling. It is where I belong.

Written by: Dr. Rhonda Boulter, DVM