Mrs. Anonymous Donates to Save an Unknown Pet

Heartfelt story brought to you by Dr. Brenda Gough:

“Mrs. A” (She wishes to remain anonymous) called me one day recently- she is elderly lady and is contemplating her will and trying to decide which animal charities she will leave some money to. I advised that I like to support some of the local charities like the Brant Animal Aid but they will only give to people who are on ODSP or CPP. Sometimes there are people who fall through the cracks, like “Carly”s mom.

Carly’s mom works very hard, and has worked hard her whole life, but she doesn’t make a lot of money and while she will go without groceries herself to get Carly the medical are she needs, she certainly couldn’t afford the bladder surgery that Carly needed. (Carly is a little shitzhu with bladder stones). She also doesn’t qualify for ODSP or anything that would allow her to approach BAA or the Farley foundation for assistance. She has to struggle through on her own.

I mentioned this particular case to Mrs. A, only as an example of a situation that falls through the cracks with some of these other charities, and Mrs. A’s immediate response was “Well, just go ahead and book that surgery, dear, and I will pay for it”.

I didn’t know how to respond, I was so blown away by such generosity.

I contacted Carly’s mom, who was in tears when I told her. Carly’s mom has struggled her whole life and seldom has anyone reached out a helping hand to her, and suddenly there was this perfect stranger willing to help her to help her dog.