I am sure you have seen the hashtag #NoHotPets floating around this year.

This is something I feel very strongly about. I know that with the nice weather we all want to be out enjoying it and possibly taking our beloved pets along. However, we all need to understand that sometimes this is not in our pets’ best interests. We need to keep in mind they are still somewhat sensitive creatures. They have these soft little feet that can actually burn from hot pavement/cement, we all know what hot sand feels like right? Enjoy the lovely weather with them when it is nicely cooling off they will thank you for this. They will get to enjoy the adventures with you while being comfortable and not in any sort of pain or distress. If you are out during a hotter day be sure to give them plenty of shady resting areas. Taking them along for car rides is fine as long as they are not staying in the car unattended. If you will be needing to stop somewhere PLEASE leave your pet safely at home! Even a few moments alone in the car can lead to life-threatening troubles. I have seen firsthand what leaving your pet in the car can do and it is something I don’t wish upon any animal or any person. So please, I beg you be safe with your beloved companion and make the right decisions to enjoy a beautiful summer season with many more to come!

To learn more and support the OSPCA in the #nohotpets campaign please go to www.nohotpets.ca and take the pledge now.

Written by: Amy Hanchiruk