Our Cat Friendly Room

We all know cats are their own boss and it can be hard to please them. Coming to the vet can be stressful and scary, so our Brantford animal hospital have created a special room just for them!

In this room we have decorated the wall with a lovely, bird filled tree to please their eye, placed shelves for them to climb because they are a curious bunch,  infused air with Feliway, and a kitty weight scale in the room so we do not have to get them out of their safe carrier in the waiting room; there may be scary and noisy dogs there! Feliway is a calming pheromone to relax the senses and promote zen. We stock the room with kitty treats and for their parents we have cat specific information to read while you wait for the doctor to visit. During the visit their exam is done calmly and smoothly with minimal restraint to avoid stressing them out or causing panic. A less is more approach seems to be best. We never see dogs in this exam room.

If for some reason they need to spend the day with us we have another cat specific room to house them, away from the barking noises. They will be given a soft bed, their own fresh litter box with a choice of litter depending on their visit, fresh bowl of water and again depending on their visit dry and canned food to fit their nutritional needs. We have friendly kennel staff to watch over them and share some cuddles throughout the day and if they spend the night the clinic cats will keep them company. Hopefully with these pleasing efforts, their visit will be a minimally stressful, good visit!

If you would like to visit Park Road Veterinary Clinic for a tour and to check out our Cat Friendly Room please give us a call!