The Dog’s Blog by Chibs

Welcome everyone to my very first Dog’s Blog! My name is Chibs and I am a 2.5 year old black lab. My mom works at the Park Road Veterinary Clinic. Lucky her and lucky me cause that’s how we met.  I came into the clinic when I was just 5 months old. I had a great life with my former family but unfortunately I had come into contact with parvovirus and from what I can gather it is very dangerous. My mom took me on to try to treat my virus and had hopes that I would be strong enough to survive. The odds were stacked way against me but since they were willing to try I was too. Just as the virus was getting the best of me something tragic happened in my foster mom’s life. Her very own dog passed away. I had gotten the chance to meet him the night before and he looked at me as if to say I was where I needed to be. When I didn’t see him the next night and saw the hurt in my mom’s face I knew I needed to be there for her, so I fought hard. As hard as I possibly could and I got better. I got bigger and I got stronger. My mom didn’t know she was keeping me but I did. I have now grown up to a big wild, sweet and quirky boy. I know between myself and my dog siblings we will bring you to tears with some of our antics.

My fall events so far have been dressing up for howl-o-ween or as you spell it Halloween, joining my friends for the St George Christmas Parade for Evan (We even were lucky enough to meet him) and Remembrance Day to support the Vets (they are different people than the “vets” I see daily though) I hope you enjoy my stories and I will be sure to be back soon with some!

Yours Paways,