The Dog’s Blog by Chibs

Hey everyone it’s me Chibs. As promised here is the next phase of my blogging experience. Where to start……Well let’s talk about the first of some of my shenanigans. It was a super beautiful day late last summer. My favourite of smells was in the air. Barbeque. Yum!! I found myself following my nose and it sure found me some troubles. Corn on the cob. Yep very yummy, very troublesome corn on the cob. I rooted though and found myself some lovely looking and tasting left over corn. I learned in the following days that corn on the cob was not in fact the “treat” that I was hoping for it to be. It haunted me for days to come. I am a lab. I love to eat! That corn on the cob had it out for me I am sure because it took my favourite thing (food) and made me dread it. I tried to eat but I couldn’t manage to hold any food down. I tried and tried but I was sick. Then I started getting sick more and more and my tummy really started to hurt. I am an extremely loving boy but I just wanted to snuggle and stay as quiet as possible. This worried my mom and she was able to put together some clues as to what was wrong with me. I wasn’t so sneaky with the corn on the cob and she had seen me with one and took it away. She remembered that and took me straight into work with her. I was put on a table and told to smile while they took pictures of my tummy. Yep. There was the trouble! My stomach was filled to the brim with corn on the cob. Problem with that was it was so full that nothing could move. Dr Gough gave me a medication that made me feel pretty under the weather. It was something that was to make me throw up. I came to realize that was the only way to empty my poor achy tummy. I sure was lucky to avoid surgery. I know that many are not as lucky as I am. My mom however will always be scared. She used to love corn on the cob. I think it is safe to say I changed that.

Stay tuned for more antics.

Yours Paways,