Three Reasons To Not Give A Pet As A Christmas Present

It seems adorable, a cute little puppy with a big bow tie on its collar, sitting peacefully under the tree. While this may seem like a great Christmas idea, there are many reasons to not give a pet as a Christmas gift.

1. Large financial and emotional commitment
Often Christmas pets are bought on an impulse. Not much thought is given to the 10-20 year emotional and financial responsibility that such a pet entails. Food, toys, vet visits, grooming, boarding, these things all add up financially. They are not a toy that can be discarded when done but need constant love and attention for the next one or two decades!

2. It’s a busy time of year
The holidays are a hectic time of year. Family events, travelling, shopping, etc. A lot is going on. A new pet requires a lot of attention from the get-go. House training needs to begin immediately. Puppies need to be taken out several times a day, so they don’t have an accident in the house, feedings need to be regular, and litterboxes have to be cleaned. The busy holiday time is not the time to be caring for a new pet.

3. Children should see pets as a commitment and responsibility, not as just another Christmas toy.
When placed under a tress a puppy may be seen as just another Christmas toy. Children should view pets as something to be cared for and a responsibility, not a toy that can be discarded when done with.

Written by Dr. David Baker