The Truth About Corn, Grain and By Product

Truth: Corn is NOT just filler. Corn is very nutrient rich ingredient. Corn meal is a very finely ground down product that makes it even more digestible. It is full of antioxidants and vitamins, amino and fatty acids.

Truth: Grain Free does not mean starch free so still contains carbs. Also there is the myth about allergies however grains have shown to be no more allergenic than proteins, fruit or veggies. People tend to do because of following the trend with people eating grain free. If you don’t actually suffer from medical conditions that don’t allow your body to break down grains then your body is naturally doing it therefore grain free is NOT any benefit just an additional cost.

Truth: The term by product is NOT an indication of the nutritional quality. By – products (mainly organ meats and entrails) often provide more nutrients than muscle meats and are more important components and even delicacies in other countries. (ex. Sausage, haggis, tripe, salami, liver AAFCO definitions of animal by-products specifically exclude hair, hooves, horns, hides, manure and intestinal contents as well as anything that is not a specific part of carcass

Written by: Park Road Veterinary Clinic