Where are they now? The Ongoing Antics of The Shish Kabob.

By:  Dr. Sarah Martin.

So a few days ago, Stella came in for her annual exam, vaccine update and heartworm prevention. I asked for an update, and wow, did I ever get some great and crazy stories!

It seems the list of what Stella will eat is endless….as well as what comes out in her poop!

To name a few: crayons (she has loved crayons since the beginning), Star Wars figures (Luke is still missing an arm), underwear, socks, shoes and Lego men. She has been seen pulling a 5-year-old boy around the house by his socks.

Grandma walks her (and loves her to bits) and was having trouble; so, Stella’s family upgraded her to a fancy new halter.  Well, she backs right out of that and then takes off around the neighbourhood in a game of chase.

And, Stella humps. Not everyone, but some. After the hump, she cuddles, lol!!!

In the loving words of her mom, “She is SOOOOO bad!’”